Columbus North High School, Columbus Indiana, 47201

by Jordan
(Columbus Indiana)

I'm 16 years old and i go to Columbus North High School. There has been many stories floating around Columbus that the auditorium of our school is haunted. My friend was telling me about how our school was built above his burial ground. well around my second period of the day i take a photography class and i thought id be cool to go to the auditorium and snap a few photos. On the way there i readied my camera and opened the doors. I didn't see anything right away but then again i was too scared to go in there by myself. The stage was lit up but the lights where the seats were, were off. only the stage was lit up. i poked my head through the doors, scared to let go because i was afraid that i would get locked in, and snapped a few pictures.I felt a cold breeze render over me and i decided that it the end. The next day i talked my friend into going with me to take a few more pictures. she held the door as i walked around inside. Again, the stage was the only part of the room lit. I felt a bit uncomfortable but then again i nudged it off of my shoulders. I took a few pictures and then left. The day after that, i uploaded my photos into my computer in my class. I noticed that only a few turned out, but in the corner, a fading white light. I did not think much of it until the teacher commented on how well i put a soft focus into the corner of the picture to make it look faded. I told it that the picture was raw and i hadn't done anything to it yet. That's when i started to really pay attention to what was going on.

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