Columbus commons ,apartment 108,Bridgeport,ct

by Ivan torres

My friend lived here until 4 years ago.he got a good deal on this apartment and he didn't understand the reason it was being sold at a very low price.long story short,whenever he and his wife would leave the apartment,they would feel as if someone was looking at them through their apartment window.around 2 O'clock one morning their son,who was 5 years old at the time,was standing at the door of their bedroom and screamed at them that he was going to kill them.last incident took place when this couple were watching tv in their living room,they both looked at the same time to the corner of their livingroom and noticed the pale figure of a white male staring at both of them.they gave up their condo and now they know why this condo has been sold more than 5 times since 1996.I was trying to do some research on line,but never came accross any information regarding this property.

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