Columbia California.

by Stevie B. Moreno
(Columbia Ca.USA )

Living here is very nice and peaceful beautiful tourist destination and scenery is so amazing hiking trails swimming holes ect.But once it becomes night time around 11 pm up until early morning , the whole town is nothing but spirits wondering around here in there town. Its a gold rush town dateing way back to the 17 hundreds. My boyfriend of 6 years was never a believer of ghosts until we expirenced noises in our home and around it in the yard, footsteps walking down our hallway into the bathroom and guest bedroom voices by our windows in our bedroom. Our sliding door sounding like if someone is opening it. Running water in the bathroom. I mean just scary. Now my boyfriend is a believer of ghost. Because he even had to get up alot of times to see who was in our house. We hear kids running around our home and we check , but no one is around. I take pictures and we have lots of orbs. One picture impaticular I took one day in our yard and other was 3 orbs in a row tall medium and a short one just like it was a family of 3 poseing for the picture. There's many people in our area who experience spirits trying to open there RV doors at night while sleeping. I luv it here and I will not let the ghost chase me out. I actually speak to the ghost in our home and envite them to stay here if they wish. Its funny because its like they know, I welcome them to stay here because they don't hurt us or enter our bedroom. Up until this day we still experience spirit activity here in our home. I'm part of there family now.

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