Closet Horrors (part 3)

by Bailey Mae

October 14th

This morning at 3:19 I woke up, because my record player-music box was playing. This is the second night this has happened, it did that October 11th, too. I thought it was just coincidence, but the little girl was there. She was humming along with it. She smiled, the first time she hasn’t seemed scared. There were no flames. And then her face changed and her dress caught. Tears started, and she went back into the closet. I turned it off when she didn’t come back out after 10 minutes. It made me sad. She just wanted a little fun. Poor girl.

October 15th
He finally snapped. The man. I did not know the answer, and he grabbed my favourite glass animal figurine. It was once a hummingbird over a flower. He yelled at me. "If you don't know, then find out!" He threw it at the wall. It shattered. I've had that figurine for so long. I'm so sad it's gone. At first I thought it was a dream. But the wall had a spot with paint missing. Sure enough, when I went to look, it was there. Jagged pieces sat there. I cleaned them up. Someone help me. Please. I'm scared. Someone go through this and find out what's happening to me!
October 16th
He apologized. He was really polite, and asked if I knew who his killer was. He broke another animal. A wolf I found at a garage sale. This time he squeezed it until the glass went flying around the room. I got glass in my foot this morning. What am I supposed to do? The little girl didn't come. She watched from the closet. She's scared again.

October 19th
I'm so tired of this. He tore open my collection of Beanie Baby stuffed animals. Most were collector's items. I'm scared. He's broken more glass. He ripped up my books. He tore everything off my shelves. He ripped the heads off my porcelain dolls. The one I've had since I was three I found the body to this morning, in the hallway, facing the kitchen. Ketchup was on the ground, staining a carpet down to the linoleum in my kitchen. The head was on a plate with a knife. The knife flew at my head. Someone help me. Please. For once I want someone to invade my privacy and read this. I can't take much more.

October 20th
I'm about to go to sleep. Last night was the worst. I've started staying away from home as much as I can. My friends
don't understand. They don't know why. They let me stay with them though. We go out to eat, we go shopping. They help me stay away. My cat got attacked. She had scratches and bald spot on her. Poor baby. My baby girl is being attacked.

October 25th
They are getting close to too far. I'm going to move. I can't take it any more. They are breaking my things and attacking my cat. My baby girl (that's what I call my cat). They haven't attacked me. I don't think they want to. The second they do, I am gone. I will pack up and not stay another night here.

October 27th
They got me at noon. I came home for lunch. They threw me into a wall. I've never seen this one before. He is a raging monster, his eyes are like fires. He had claws that he scraped across my face, almost like a rough caress. He licked my face, it burned like acid. When I look in the mirror I see red scratches and a bruise. My back is sore. I don't know what to do. If he comes back I am gone. If I remember anything. I forget little things. I am drawing away from my friends and family. I am looking for murders, but haven't found any. I looked up old missing-person reports but found nothing about a man with my ghost's description.

October 30th
I'm leaving. The house has becom a horror filled place. I have to go. They killed my cat. The blood was smeared on the floor, the word "you're next" in capitals on the floor. I was scratched. I was thrown onto the floor, by something unseen. I was dragged to the living room, evil laughter really loud. I am scared for my life. It tore my bed to shreds. I am writing this and my hand is shaking. I will not stay here another night. I am going to a hotel. I am going to leave. No one can know, at least for a time. I can't take it any more!

November 23rd
It took three weeks before my things were packed. They were unpacked and thrown at my head every time I entered the house. Just seeing the house gives me the chills. Please, if you ever meet these ghosts, the man and the girl, leave. As soon as you can. They will bring only pain and darkness to your home. I am gone from there now, but they have permanently left a stain on my past. A dark stain.

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