Clear Lake Resort

by Amy
(Independence, OR)

About 5-7 years ago, me and my boyfriend spent the night at Clear Lake Resort and I had the most difficult time getting any sleep. My boyfriend slept like a baby however. During the middle of the evening, I must have had to trek to the restroom 5 times at least. I never felt scared, didn't hear or see anything abnormal at all.
But next day, the photos taken contained multitudes of orbs in our cabin, on the bench dedicated to a fisherman, while viewing other cabins, just about every other place we went to that day.
The previous day, I also took a bunch of photos of the nearby forest, the lake itself, etc. and not one orb was in any of them. This is a cheap camera bought at hi-school pharmacy where you take the whole thing in for photo development.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar at this location ?

It blew my mind when we got those photos back, now they are somehow lost or I would send along copies.

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