Cindy 2305 cactus drive

by Cindy
(Colorado springs Colorado)

Well we moved into this house and almost immediatly began hearing noises and seeing things move about the house. My son saw a child run across the hallway, my two boys saw a man in the kitchen with a hammer. I would hear someone at night walk into my bedroom and walk around the bed nightly, I begged the ghost not to scare me at night...then I began to mainly see things during the day. I could see a shape move across the wall, I saw a large shadow on the garage door that stayed for about half hour then dissapeared. Every night we would sit down for dinner the handle on the wood door coming in from the garage would begin to someone was trying to enter the locked door.This happen daily. My boyfriend at the time heard voices of several people down stairs talking laughing..but no one was home. He also heard a box slide across the garage floor. The downstairs door slammed on me. I would see shapes going from kitchen to hallway. We had two dogs a german sheperd and a pit bull that were terrified to be the house the would immediatly run under the bed, the little pit bull would hide under the stove the drawer was missing ,we would literally have to drag them out from thier hiddin spot and put them outside. The german sheperd full grown would literally shake if left alone in the garage. These are just a few things off the top of my head that I remember about the house. I've always wondered if anyone else that has lived there ever experienced any similar experiences. None of the pics I took there ever came out only the ones taken out side. We only stayed about 4 months.

The home I live in now my daugher and I have caught many orbs on film. Only a few inside but very many in front yard. The more I would talk to them the darker and larger they would become. Glad to share and read other interesting stories.

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Mar 29, 2015
i live here NEW
by: christina

Just seeing if this is the house I bought' 2305 cactus drive c/s 80911

Dec 20, 2012
its amazing NEW
by: elizashaila

this is amazing can you please contact me i wanna know more about it actually im doing a research on spirits and ghosts hope you contact me 9786457312

Nov 26, 2012
Questions about your hauntings. NEW
by: Tima

Hello Cindy. You have no pictures or video from your previous residence? Prior to you and your family moving into the haunted location had you ever had any other experiences?
Are you having any other experiences besides orbs in your new home?
I'd love to talk with you more about everything that happened to you and your family.

My e-mail is I hope to hear from you soon.

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