Cheyenne Nahima Horn-Martin Waterford Ca 504 D street

by Cheyenne Horn-Matin
(Waterford Ca )

I was about eight when my mother found a new boyfriend from her past days of middle school. Her and Paul met again after some time. My grandmother did not aprove of him. But of course my mother didn't listen. My Sister and I had to move in with my mother her boyfriend Paul and his two sons Daniel and Paul Jr. My sister was about 12 going on 13 when we moved in. The house was blue with bricks on the front and an orange garage door. Paul Jr. and Daniel shared a room and my mother and Paul shared a room of course. The house had three rooms. A master bedroom, and the two other rooms were about the same space. There was a small kitchen and a big dinning room. The living room was big with soft sweet smelling carpet. There was a big Fireplace in the living room behind the couch. That's normally where i like to sit and read my books and do homework. I'm now 13. You as the reader probly think in just some little girl babbling about fake experiences but no the things I've experienced in that house was pure evil and forever fromitized me and my family. I may be a young girl but I'll tell you what i am an old soul and i have a very big vocabulary for my age range and im good at word choice when it comes to sharing things ive been trough. Ok enough about me. My sister stay in the extra room in the garage. We also had another member on the family our dog Caous. And yes he was named that for a reason he was a big hell raiser. Now that my nightmare in that house is over i understand why my grandmother didn't like Paul. She somehow sensed he was pure Evil. I had my own room right across from the bathroom next to my room was the boys room next to the bathroom was a closet and at the back of the house was the master bedroom.I remember one night in my room i was laying down it was about in the middle of April about a month after we moved in. And i have Insomnia i barley sleep. One night and blue light appeared in my room at the foot of my bed. A little girl appeared as i was about to scream she silenced me with a light shh with her finger to her lips. She said "Don't be frighted child." she was about the age of 5 or six. She had Light blonde hair with pink ribbons to make pigtails. She had green eyes like mine and she wore an old style looking dress in the color of pink. "My name is Sally." She said. I said " Hi Sally im Cheyenne." She asked me "Are you frighten of me?" To her surprise i said no because she wasn't the first Lost Soul ive seen. That's what i like to call them. Lost souls. the

house was built in 1965. She didn't tell me what year she was born nor the year she was killed but she did tell my the story of her death. Her and Her father and mother lived in a house im not sure if it was the one i lived in or if she was called to haunt there. But along with her and her mother and father also lived there her grandparents. One day in her life her grand father came home she said she was in her room and heard a gun shot so she went to go see what happened. Her grandfather had shot her father. A few moments later her mother came out and her grandpa grabbed her mother and sliced her throat and wrists. Sally helplessly standing there as she just watched her parents get killed he grabbed her and shot her in the head. She said she saw her body on the floor in the kitchen. Later that night Her Spirt watched her grandpa shoot her grandmother in the head as she slept then shot himself. after she told me the story we both heard footsteps and she looked and me and disapeared. Of course i was scared i was only 8 at the time. An old man with a long white beard appeared in my doorway and pointed to my closet then vanished. The next morning i told my mom what happened the night before and she said she saw the same old man in her door way that night. Months later living it that house things got worse. I starting seeing more. Like something that looked like devil starting appearing in the fireplace. And things like black shadow people walking and wondering the house like they were lost trying to find their way somewhere. Footsteps in the hallway and the kitchen at night. I heard crying and sobbing all the time coming from my sisters room when she wasn't in there or wasn't even home.Then my dog starting to act up and run away he became vicious. More anger and negitave energy was in the house. Paul's audditude changed. He was always angry and yelling. Things in the house started moving on its own. One night Paul made everyone go outside he turned on the porch light. He stood there i remember he grabbed my arm he looked the dead in the eye but his eyes didn't have color they where pure black they seems soulless. I'll never forget that moment of that evil soullessness looking at me he was an empty shell. Months later Paul and my mother split up and we moved to East Modesto but thing from the house followed us that never changed we lived there for 5 years now me and my mother live in Empire California and she yet again has another boyfriend from her past years of middle school and he has a bad drinking problem i don't think this relationship with him will be any better than the last.

"My Nightmare in Waterford"

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