Chesterfield Virginia

by Chris

When i was thirteen i was repeatedly haunted by a young boy. One instance that is very clear in my memory is one night when i had woken during the middle of the night to use the restroom. When i entered my bathroom i noticed out of the corner of my eye a figure in the corner of the bathroom. It was pretty late so i ignored it thinking that i was just tired and seeing things. When i finished using the bathroom i walked to the sink to wash my hands. When i looked in the mirror i saw the face a boy who looked to be around eight or nine years old. i panicked and ran to my room. I'm no the only one in my family to see this boy. my older sister also saw him. She had gotten out of the shower one day when she was home alone she was putting on her make-up in the bathroom, when she went to leave the bathroom she claims to have seen a boy run right in front of her into my room, with this she ran out of the house.

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