Cheryl Shaver

by Cheryl Shaver
(Loganport, Indiana 46947)

I rented a home for eight years at 1630 Douglas Street in Logansport, Indiana. The house was rediculously haunted, to the point of company being harassed when they visited. I became so used to the doors slamming, the voices, footsteps and the moving objects, that they became just normal, every-day occurances.

The hauntings seem to originate in the front bedroom, and after I reluctanly moved, that very bedroom was gutted by fire. Nothing else burned.

The house sits on the Eel River, and legend has it that when there was a flood, in the late winter in the early 1900s. Huge ice gorges were coming over the bank. The man who lived in the house tried to convince his wife to get in the attic with him. But, instead, she ran out the door and attempted to retrieve her dog who was trapped on top of a car. Before she could get to her pet, a giant slab of ice caught her. Her body was found several blocks down at Riverside Park, lying on a pavillian floor with her glassed froze to her face.

I don't know who lives there now, but I would be very surprised if the paranormal activity ceased when we left.

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