Chapel Road, Centerville, In. Its at the church and cemetery on chapel Road.

by Brenda
(Cambridge city, In.)

We have been to this site many times in the last several years. At first we would hear a dog barking, and always soon after..things would start in you could hear foot steps running towards you from the cemetery. Then this year you can sit and you would start hearing satinistic chants or sounds of moaning.Now in the last past month, you back your car up to the gate of the cemetery and sit there quietly and we felt the temperature drop in the car and a gust of wind at our feet, then it made a noise so loud that everybody screamed it made this aggravated sound, then after this on the right hand side of the car the footsteps were so loud and then you could hear the footsteps run across gravel. So then one of the people with us got out and noticed that a car had made a skid mark beside the our car and there was gravel there. So this explained why the footsteps sounded as they hit gravel.And the night before we were out there and walked the cemetery and we went to the oldest side and went to this tree and you could feel the energy running through the tree it made your hair stand up on your arms, we went back the next night and there was no energy running through or near that tree. This place sure does have activity.. will post more if new things happen.

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