Central Maine Community College

by Jasmine Trumble
(AUBURN, Maine, Androscoggin)

I was a first time dorm student and I thought people were just bsing... "oh this school is haunted" and "it was built on an old cemetery." Well much to my surprise they were correct. It was my second night there and my roommate had gone away for the weekend, all of her electronics were unplugged, her coffee pot started and her tv kept turning off and on. I was walking the halls one night going up to see a friend on the fourth floor of Rancort Hall and i get to the stair well and i felt a heavy push, i hear footsteps and i turn quickly to go check and everyone was asleep or out of the dorm hall. I've heard noises and shadows. I very much believe that CMCC grounds are haunted, i've seen them in the cafeteria, i've seen shadows in the stairwells, i've heard voices.

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