Cemetery of Harrison high school or also known as the Price Cemetery. Found on 5701 N 50 W West Lafayette, IN 47906 (behind the school, and right next to the tennis court.)

(west lafayette, indiana)

I am currently a sophomore at Harrison high. Although I wish to keep my name anonymous, I wish to seek the truth of the questions I have; is it the high school, or is it the cemetery that is hunted? I have tried doing research of my own and have found very few sources that has only led me to the old cemetery out back. This, in the least is starting somewhere other than nowhere. Reports of hearing chain raddles, head stones mysteriously moving around on their own, laughter of small children, acorns flying at your feet when you aren’t even near the tree’s, the tree’s shuttering by themselves with no winds, footsteps of someone moving around, small children’s hand print on the fog of a cars window, and lastly a very fine, intense feeling of being watched, and followed throughout the cemetery as you enter and leave it.

I admit that I have only visited the cemetery once, for a lab, as a class in science, in 2012. This was even before I found out the cemetery was even hunted. We all were evaluating the stones to see what conditions the weather had on them after so many years. There was an occasion where I thought someone was standing close behind me as I examined the stones, thinking it was one of my friends, I talked and when I turned to ask a question, I was cut short to realize that no one was standing there that whole time. I felt odd, slightly panicked and had hot and cold flashes. I thought I was coming down with a cold but when the class left the feeling and the flashes subsided.
If you are still with me, reading this. I’d like to tell you of the rumors that… may just be rumors or more than just that. I hear that our school is built on secret Indiana burial grounds, that there have been several sightings of a showdown like figure walking the halls of the third floor math hallway, and the basement, although these sightings have only been seen by some of the janitors at night. I also heard that there was a murdering that had happened near the cemetery long ago. It was about a man coming home to his wife and for no reason killed her. Afterwards when his three little girls got home he took them to the back of their little cottage and killed them and as well as himself. How? I’m not sure, all I know is that.
I want to investigate the cemetery myself. If I could I would, but I do not have the professional equipment to do so, so please come down and check it out if you are still at all interested.

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Oct 04, 2018
I also go to Harrison High School NEW
by: Anonymous

I am not exactly sure when this website was created, but I am currently a student at Harrison High school. If you are still a student here with more information I would like to maybe somehow talk to you more. Thanks :)

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