by Celeste
(Athol Massachusetts United states)

hi i live in athol i was in my woods near my house. i was with my freind Jocelyn and the ghost possesed her and she said her name was Maddiline and picked up a piece of glass and tried to stab us me and all my friends at the sleep over were terrified and she was yelling get out and never come back or my father will kill u. My friend and ib were on a rock wall and he pushed her and she broke her wrist. And we found were they hung pepole me and my friends called it the Exicution Site this is all in the woods at my house.My brother still has night terriors. We see many things there and we are scared we fell him touching us we have scratch marks and We saw shadows of men and a little girl who is thought to be Maddiline we here whispering at night and see pepole through the trees and scratching on the wall.

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