Cedar Winds Campground- Woodville, AL USA

by Christy
(Alabama, USA)

This campground is owned by The Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama and is located next to Cathedral Caverns. The land was once an Indian village and the spirits of the people who lived there still roam the property.

At anytime of day or night, you can take photos and capture orbs in photos. At night, you can hear footsteps and see shadows all over the place.

Photos taken at late at night capture ectoplasm, orbs, and even apparitions. Sometimes, you may even hear the sounds of drums.

There is lots of spiritual activity at this place. To camp or investigate here, you must contact the tribe and get permission because the state park ranger may run you off otherwise.

There is a list of phone numbers on the door of the office with contact information. You must be respectful when you go here.

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