Cedar ridge apartments in Auburn,Wa

by anonymous

I can vouch for this story 100% as I lived at cedar ridge for three years myself in the A building. This property is down right terrifying! my 2 year old daughter refused to play in her room by herself because she swore she heard something breathing in her closet and often that someone was in there looking at her. also the master bathrooom, there was just something wrong in there! First you just got an earie feeling in there and second my two cats would not let anyone use that bathroom without both of them acomanying you, weird right? also I would bathe my daughter in this bathroom because my bed was 4 feet away and @ 4 or 5 she could bathe alone but i was uncomfortable with this and so i felt ok because i was close by and could hear her, however every time my husband or I would walk out of the bathroom to leave her after 1-2 minuets the lights would turn off and she would start screaming. Also from my living room window on the second floor, directly infront of us was an abandoned run down shack of a house on the property behind the apartments. This place was creepy and on more than one ocasion we saw shadows in the windows or on the porch facing us and you got the distinct feeling whatever was there was watching you. What made me finally move however was the day i was in the doorway of the kitchen facing out tward the hallway talking to my teenage son. slightly off to his left over his shoulder is his sisters room and to the left of that his room, I was in the middle of a sentence when i noticed movement in my daughters room, I looked up and there standing in the doorway leaning against the doorjam was a man,clear as day,solid as you and me, but he had no eyes! where they should have been was just blackness. my face must have to turned white cause my son looked back at him as well and instantly jerked his head back and stared at me incredulouse, He said "Mom?" i told him,dont. just dont act like you seen it. And at that point it smiled and turned into my sons room and disappeared. we both went in after it but it was gone and the room was ice cold. We moved 2 weeks later.

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