by anonymous

my house was built in 1867. it is a very big house that has a basketball court and pool. my first experience happened when I was 10. I was in my room trying to get to sleep but I kept hearing knocks from the attic above my room. I seen a young boy around the same age as me he looked at me. as I was ten I didn't really know what to believe I thought was a dream. then the same knight I woke at about 2 in the morning and seen a woman in my room she stood at the end of the bed staring at me. I thought it was my mom because she looked very similar, so I said mom is that you but there was no reply. the apparition walked slowly out of my room and looked around then it walked up the stairs into my attic. the next morning I asked my mom if she was in my room last night she said know when I tried explain they said that I was just imagining things. the same experience happened to me around 5 weeks later and kept happening for a number of years.

after my experience I didn't experience any thing paranormal for about 8 years.
then when I was in my room with my boyfriend in the summer of 1978 we heard noises from the basketball court below my room. it couldn't have been anyone in my family as we where the only ones in the house. so my boyfriend and I went down to the court and found basket balls rolling on the ground and the closet were we kept them was open. earlier that day I had tided them away. I told my dad and mom then my mom said that her grand mother had died in this house before she was born and that explained how my mom looked like the apparition that I seen in my bedroom.

but to this very day I don't know how the basket balls where rolling on the floor.
maybe it was the little boy that was in my bed room 8 years earlier. when I was 28 I went back to the house and looked up at my bedroom window and seen an old women and a little boy staring at me.

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