Campbell House Eugene, Oregon

by Mariah
(Eugene Oregon U.S.A)

I had my wedding this day well after the ceremony. I went to my friends room they weren't there. (They went to go get beer) Then I'm waiting there i hear in my ear "Miss. Dungan" (My old last name) So I'm thinking o there just playing a trick on me. I walk back to my room I just keep thinking I can't go to sleep I need to wait for them. I can't sleep. Then in the clearest voice ever I hear right in my ear "I can't sleep either." (I was thinking I can't sleep not saying. THINKING)

Then later that night. I was sleeping then I woke to a old musky anteck smell twice. I asked them about it they said "Yes, indeed three rooms in the Campbell House are indeed haunted, we don't tell anybody cause we need business. One woman was stabbed you can see blood in the carpet on the stairs. The other woman was shot.

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May 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Who wrote this? It is about my wife but she didn't write it?

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