BYU Testing Center Another Witness to Bizarre Happenings at Night

by 516

Like William who posted earlier, I was also part of BYU's night security, and frequently secured doors and did routine walk-through patrols of this building alone. I would hear sounds like desks or chairs were being toppled upstairs when the building was supposed to be empty and seemed to be locked down with cameras and motion sensors all set and running. I never actually found where any furniture had been moved, although doors that I could have sworn were locked would later be unlocked or even wide open. Lights would sometimes be on again too. I thought someone was messing with me and then either hiding or running down the stairs to exit the building on the opposite side of wherever I had approached from. Determined to catch them in the act, I would show up at random times or when I got a motion sensor or door alarm call with 2 or 3 officers instead of going alone. This way we could enter from different doors or have someone watch the building from the outside. We would completely search the whole place, only to leave scratching our heads. Something certainly seemed out of the ordinary.

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