Burnsville Window Ghost

by Ben
(Burnsville, MN, United States of America)

This place is really haunted. No one is living there, who lived there moved and the house is still for sale.

One night me and another guy were in the forest, when we saw a strange figure by a tree across the wheat field. We approached, and we saw him holding something. We stepped through the field and found something: a crop circle? Whatever it was, it was man-made. We looked up and the figure was gone.

Me and the same guy were parked in the driveway of the nearest house, and we saw a Ghostly looking cat in the window. We saw a sombrero hit the blinds, and that was it.

We went over the next day, and we looked through a window. A dim light was seeping through the window. The windowpane shadow was quickly covered and a figure stepped out. It looked at us and waved all it had: Two fingers. we watched in shock as he opened the door to...
Where we were standing.

We ran far, far away and this ghost hasn't been spotted by us, as we have moved.

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Mar 11, 2013
... NEW
by: Anonymous

wow thats crazy where was this

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