brownville maine. vanhorn ave.

This haunted house is about 200 feet from my house, it's as if it was burnt down centuries ago. It has a barn next to it. The house appears as if the owners just got up and walked off. Me and my friends were there and walking around, we heard 2 knocks on the barn side and a scratch, I peeked out the window and I saw a black shadow running in to the bushes, I once took some pictures that were there into my house and had them in my closet. Also my keyboard was in that closest and later that night my keyboard starting playing a random song, I looked over and my keybord was unpluged. There also is a old guy across from that house watching it at alll times! He is always looking out the window, he will follow you if he sees you.

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Jun 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

what # house on vanhorne. i'm buying a house on vanhorne and i don't want it to be that one

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