Broughton Hospital in N.C. By: Kirsten Kearns

by Kirsten Darbe Kearns

thepico broughton hospital in the 1800s

thepico broughton hospital in the 1800s

Hi everyone my name is Kirsten Kearns. I am 14 years old. My brother is mentally challanged and has been to several placements and just so happen Broughton Hospital is the one hes in at the moment.

My family went to go visit him for the holiday and my brother who is living there at the moment brings up the subject: GHOSTS. He says he has been seeing people walk through the facility and hes not the only one.Staff there had did I!

My mom and I went to the restroom before leaving. When my mom and I where washing our hands we both heard a sigh sounding moan and then a whistle sound like thing right after that. We both looked at one-another and said, did u hear that?!


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