BROOKLY Ct and Vernon's hell hollow road

by Robin Baker
(Moosup Ct)

you are missing two very well known haunted locations that i happen to live near in Connecticut. the old trinity church in Brooklyn Ct is said to be haunted by the victims of the killer Micheal Ross. see:

and there are two separate stories about the haunting of hell hallow road...the site i am linking ony has some of the facts right...

also i went to both Putnam middle school and Plainfield high and have never heard of either of those stories.
Plainfield had all but the oldest part of the school demolished and a new school built. what was known as the annex is now used as a storage area and has fallen into disrepair. i know the school's janitorial staff and they have reported innumerable accounts of strange happenings including having a full can of diet coke bounce down the staircase leading to the empty third floor where the floors are rotted out and are dangerous for any one to enter.

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