Bridgewater - Plantation, FL

by Bridgewater house
(Plantation, FL, U.S.)

Our house is haunted - I couldn't sleep in the house - sense of somebody else in my room. We started hearing noises in the living room area, things started to move and the chairs in our dinning room noises around them like somebody was sitting down, and sometimes we came back home and chairs pulled away from the table. Later we started feeling very cold areas, very cold breeze and the feeling somebody standing next to us. Our dog would bark at the walls or corners,like he could see the ghost, and one time he appeared with a tennis ball, we didn't have tennis balls in the house. At night after going to sleep - you could hear like foot steps and once my dryer went on in the middle of the night. My oldest child, had a sleep over and some friends left at 3 am crying that they could not take the noise and feeling of the house, they just left. Lights turning on & off - I replaced a light bulb and next day burned again.

It got worse as time passed, we all started to sleep in one same room and I tried to give house back to bank - kept going for 2 years - I had a companey repairing my roof and while the guys were working on the roof they runned out of the house leaving all their tools behind, I called them and asked them to come back * they said they will never come back into my house. Until one day my daughter was in the computer and a box hit her face, leaving a bruised and next day she woke up with a cord around her neck. We left the house and after 3 days we came back to take stuff out and we were locked out of our house, the front door was lock from the inside so we had to get in by the garage door. I gave our home to the bank and I lost my house and all my money. The times we had to go back to the house to move out, it was very cold in the house like 60 degrees inside the house and the house became very dark inside, mold started to get the walls. I spoke with one of our neighbors, I asked her what she know about the house, she said, she doesn't know but that this is the only house in the community, where people leave and they don't stay..

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