Bridewater Cemetery, Scottsburg

My brother has gone to bridgewater cemetery several times and finally took me with him the other night. Just the two of us went.

We sat in the car for a while with the car turned off and the windows down. Out of couriousity my brother started to read from the bible. It began to get dark very fast.

Later we noticed a strange light coming from the way we entered. We were about to leave when we saw headlights. So we stayed and went into the cemetery with the people that showed up. When walking towards the back of the cemetary my brother tripped over a tombstone that WASNT THERE and now has a bump. I am serious. I was looking at the spot when he tripped. I took a couple of steps, looked back and there it was.

When we got to the middle of the cemetary the length back to the entrance had doubled. When we got to the back the tombstones that were around us disappeared.

Two pillar tombstones that were ten feet in front of us disappeared when we started talking to the people who had showed up and then we started looking around us and the tombstones were right beside us but we hadnt taken any steps for five minutes because there was so much noise surrounding us.

We kept seeing figures. Something howled in the woods and we all ran back. On the way out there was a dog barking but when we got there it was gone.

Feet and handprints where on the car windows. Camera batteries died. Growling and barking that seemed to come from everywhere. Cold spots.

Outside of the cemetary there are more tombstones. We looked at one and it had slid from the foundation it was laid on. That thing weighs thousands of pounds. My brother and i did not get anything on video but the other people who showed up did.

We are planning to go back with a few more people. We believe the reason there was so much activity was because of the weather. It had been storming before we went.

Another reason could be that the day before we went some people had had a seance.

Warning: Do not go ANYWHERE alone. If your friends want to go in the cemetary go with them. Dont go into the cemetary alone either. It would not be smart to walk down the path at the back of the graveyard. One person went back there alone and we could not see her. We saw a figure around the area she was in but
it was not her. It was too tall and too skinny. Her friend called her name but she wouldnt answer. She finally came back and claimed to have heard sticks breaking and someone saying her name. When she looked toward the sound she saw someone running away.

The same girl stood towards the back on the left side. Near her almost everyone saw something. I heard "Look at that" When i looked up i saw a face. In my opinion it looked sort of like a creepy clown. I dont know what everyone else saw. I believe the only one who didnt see it was my brother.

We were by our cars when we heard some kind of howling and we all decide to leave. We rushed into our cars and left fast. We had planned to stay till midnight but it was around 11:30 when we left.

The second time I went it was with my brother and a friend. We took a ouija board. It was on a harvest moon. When we got there we sat with the car on. We did not get out of the car. We all had a wierd feeling and we heard a wierd noise. My brothers car was dying. We left quickly.

We drove around and then went back. Again we sat for a while but did not get out of the car. For lack of a better term, we "sensed" something was terribly wrong and we needed to get out so we left once again and didnt return. We were all on edge.

The ouija board was in the back on the floorboard beside me. The seat in front of it got buring hot. I refused to touch the board so my brother reached back and grabbed it. It burnt his hand and left a mark.

Our friend "dropped" his flashlight on his lap and freaked out. We were laughing at this until he said that it felt as if someone pulled it from his hand.

A little later we started using my voice recorder. There were hand and footprints all over the windows and on my brothers window there were scratches. At one point I screamed and when we listened to the recording we heard a girl laughing.

Eventually we dropped off the oujia board on a friends porch. Our friend that was in the car saw the figure of a man walking towards the house when we left. We think the girl went home with us but is no longer there. As far as we know. We are planning another trip soon with more people.

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Mar 20, 2014
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