by Brenda
(Houston, Texas)

My name is Brenda and my story is simply. All my life I have been a daddy's girl. My mother died when I was 13 years old. She passed 4 days after she gave birth to my brother. My dad was left raising us. My teen years were a mess. But when I hit 35 a light went off and I found myself to be a young profesional woman and mother of two beautiful children. My dad became my best friend and my world. He teased me that he was going to come back and haunt me if I did'nt comply with his last wishes. One day I asked him to make a pack with me that which ever of us went first if there was a way to reach out from the other side we would. Daddy pass the 2nd day of July I buried him July 10th and followed his every wish. I cried daily at first. I would walk around my house and talk to him. My boyfriend and I found a homeless dog and made it ours. Such a smart well mannered mut. But she would stare in the this one conner in my kitchen and bark and growl at the wall. One night I was laying on my bed facing the TV a chill came over me and this weird feeling that I was not alone. I really don't know how to describe this feeling. Then I felt what I would describe as someone running their finger down the side of my leg. I was too scared to trun and look to see who or what was behind me I just laid there scared. I finally got up about an hour latter and walked the entire house. I was still alone. I now feel it was my daddy sticking to our pack. I also feel it may have been my last chance to make contact with him. I regret my responce still today.

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