Brandveiw church pendleton indiana 46064

by Kaitlyn
(madison county)

I was at my friends church for a lock in with Tanner and Gwyn, we were playing hide and seek in the dark. When I came upon this one room with a guy in a white t-shirt and blond hair that no one had seen before was sitting in a chair instead of hiding with a random light shine across his chest coming from nowhere.The next morning when I woke up i went to the bathroom while i was in the stall changing and everything the lights went out after abut 5 minutes, so i rushed to turn on the strangley enough the night light wasnt on either so when i was done Tanner woke up about 2 minutes later him and his friends came out screaming he said there was a strange man that had a ghostly figure. Tanner said the figure held out his hand for a hand she Tanner tried to shake his hand but instead his hand went through him.

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