Boynton beach,south military trail,Florida

I used to live in this condo it was big and beautiful but it seemed to be haunted because upstairs we could hear kids running or it could be a man or woman walking.

And when i was washing the dishes i could hear a man talking to me i guess saying my name in a low voice and my husband heard a woman i think it was a old lady voice,it was saying my husband name loud saying help me i guess and something else also dont leave me i guess like a voice of my husband late mom.

And my daughter said she could see a kid face at night i guess a girl or boy and she could sometimes see her lamp moving.

And when she was sleeping she could feel someone touching her hair. And when my brother and his family came he said he heard a kid saying this is not your house and somebody walking around when he was alone and we always see the lights on when we returned home.

Some people says that years ago it use to be water and some people died but today their selling the house and nobody bought it it lays in peace.

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Oct 09, 2011
Same as me
by: Courtney

I was moving and looking for a house for my kids and husband when as soon as I looked at one of the houses I past I in my car I wanted it. I went in to look around and when I walked upstairs I felt like something was watching me and then when I walked in the master bedroom - it almost brings me to tears to talk about it- something was moving the floor. So when I stepped out, the carpet lifted OFF THE FLOOR. Then I ran down stairs and something upstairs was SLAMMING all the doors and I almost fainted but finally got out of that hell house. Who knows what would of happened if I was in there any longer.

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