Bonny Eagle Road Hollis Maine

by Elizabeth Little
(Maine. York county)

We lived in a old farm house, we would hear doors slam and footsteps upstairs we would go upstairs and noone would be there . One day and this is no joke, I was taking a shower and the shower curtain was torn due to kids takeing baths, I was washing and looked up there was a young boy of age 15-18 staring at me when i whipped the curtain open he stared forward has i stared at him than I shut the curtain in a scared panic and when i looked again he was gone also I would see young people in the upstairs hallway. Our daughter and her friend was alone one night and when we came home her friends mother was there and the girls were crying the lights had been going on and off and wouldnt stop and they said everything was shakeing in the kitchen china cabinets. When we deceided to move things were starting to fall for no reason other than it must have been the ghost.

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