Bone Walker

by Diane

Years ago, we lived in a hollow that was a dead end. Our house set at the end of the rocky dirt road and across a wooden foot bridge. Our house set at the base of a mountain whose backside was a cliff of rock. The front yard ran along the creek. We had worn an old trail along the creek that lead down in the creek bottoms further along the river bank. I was playing outside in the yard and the sun was shining. I had a small sister that was outside playing as well. I looked up and looked toward the trail. Down as far as my eye would let me see, I thought I saw something moving. I watched and in a few moments, there appeared the top of a head that was bright red with vivid white spots showing. It was coming closer! I knew I could not wait another second for the rest of that thing to appear! I felt an unexplainable fear grip me. It was so strong it stopped me in my tracks for a few moments. The thing kept coming closer. Out of pure terror, I ran and grabbed my sister, kicking and screaming and dragged her into our house and shut and bolted the door. I would not let her out. My parents tried to make me open the door and I would not. Needless to say I sure got my backside throttled. Yet, I did not open the door or let any of them outside. They gave up and let me have my way. They put my small sister on to bed. When it came night and I lay down I didn't sleep well. I made sure no one went outside. In the morning, when it seemed safe enough I finally gave in and let everyone out... I proceeded with caution... My father checked around. He was trying to prove to me that there had been nothing outside to fear. But, he looked and and as looked, he found something.... A long bone that looked like a leg bone and it didn't look like it was from an animal either! Hush feel over us all... To this day I do not know what it was that I saw. Yet, I still tremble with the feeling of the fear that enveloped me that day. I know in my soul that if anyone went outside, they would have been harmed or worse... I feel this thing was walking around collecting bones from who ever it came into contact with... I will never forget the fear I had felt at seeing that thing or the sight of that bone...And, I still wonder...

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Oct 23, 2013
Big Sisters NEW
by: Anonymous

Ha! Imagination of our childhood minds. :)

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