by kimberly S

This is something my parents told me happened when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My uncle and cousins lived with my parents and me in a house in Virginia. One of my cousins that lived with me is the same age. My mom told me that we would run around the house and play hide and seek with what they assumed was an imaginary friend at the time. We would say things like “there he is.” And run off chasing the same imaginary person, who we both called by the same name. They thought it was odd that two kids had the same imaginary friend but who knows at that age we could have been just feeding off each other. From what I’m told we called this person Bob. Bob obviously didn’t seem bad in any way to us. We played games with him.

Eventually we moved from the house, and my dad stayed behind to clean up and finish packing anything left behind. He had a conversation with the landlord, that makes this little childhood imaginary friend a little creepy. My dad said that after we left he had a talk with the landlord who began telling my dad about his brother. The landlord’s brother died in the house that we were staying in, He then told my dad something that shocked everyone. His brother’s name was Bob.

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