Bloody Mary Gone Bad

by Kadeex

'Mum! I don't need you to pick me up' he shouted down the phone! he walked under the bridge, i felt a cold rush inside my body, i got scared and he looked around the bridge he noticed me he was around my age, he didn't move, i didn't move, we both just stared at each other, i walked towards him, he had long black hair and brown eyes, he smiled at me and i walkked infront of him, he turnt around and followed him, i laughed.

'Are you going to walk behind me or what?' he ran next to hme and shook my hand.
'Were you following me?' he asked me, i looked at him and laughed.
'Maybe i wasn't, maybe i was' i gave him a cheeky grin, we talked for the whole way home, i found out his name is Chris and he was my age, he walked me to my door, i noticed my dad, he was angry and drunk.
'What are you doing to my dad?! Kassy, you go to your room now, and you fuck off' my dad shouted, i felt tears in my eyes, i lookeed over at Chris, i quickly ran upstairs to my room and locked the door, i live in a big house, just my dad and me, he alright when hes not drunk, but i can't do nothing about it, after my mum died he just drank himself everyday, i couldn't live with it anymore, i stayed in my room but i was getting hungry, i quitely went down the stairs and stole my dad's wallet, i grabbed my coat and walked outside, i texted my friends Rachel and Kyle to meet me in KFC, Kyle said he was brinning a mate, i didn't mind, i was hungry, Rachel was already there, so i orded my food and we shared the burger, i was sitting infront of the doors so i didn't hear Kyle and his mate come on, Kyle stole on of my chips.
'Rache, Kas, this is my mate Chris' i looked up, it was him, i coughed hard and was chocking on my food, i quickly drank my coke and stood up, i felt nervous and embrassed, Kyle put an arm on my shoulder and sat me down.
'Sorry, Kass been scared of meeting people after her mum died' Kyle said, i gave Chris a Cheeky grin again, he laughed.
'She wasn't that scared this afternoon' Kyle and Rache both looked at
us, i drank my coke and held my head down, something just poped in my head, i don't know why, but it just did, i got up and they followed me, we walked inside my house, my dad was out, we stayed and chilled, it was 3 in the morning and my dad wasn't back yet, we started talking bout our favourite horror movies then we talked about bloody mary.
'Kas, i dared you to go the bathroom and do the bloody mary chant' Kyle said, i got up and took of my coat, i walked inside the bathroom, turned the lights off and chanted 13 times, nothing happened, they all joined me, we chanted together 'Bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, blood...'
We heard a scream, i turnt the light back on, the electricty has gone, Rachel held on me tight, i took my phone out and shined it on them, they all screamed and backed way inside the bathroom, i turnt around and there she was, bloody mary, she was wearing a black glown and her face was bleeding, she started screaming, she picked me up and threw me down the stairs, she stared at the others, i got to my feet and ran up the stairs, i tackled her on the floor, they all ran the downstairs, i got and ran after them, we tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open, bloody mary ran down the stairs, she was running towards us, i pushed racehl and Kyle out the way and grabbed Chris, we landed on the floor, bloody mary was holding a knife and walking towards me, i started crawling away as fast as i can, Rachel and Kyle screamed my name, i was aganist the wall, she held the knife up, Chris pushed her out the way and pulled me up, there was no way out, i looked at the mirror, i walked towards the way.
'Move the hell away from the window' i kicked bloody mary she got up and chased me, i ran towards the window and jumped, i fell on the ground, the others got out, we ran inside my next door neighbours house, we told her everything, she came inside the house with us, there was no sign of bloody mary, since that day i ahven't been to that bathroom, i am now going out with Chris and Kyle and Rachel are going out, we still laugh about that day, but were all scared.

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