Blood stain

by Calvin Williams jr

O.k it was about 4 years ago when my experience happened well here goes nothing. It was on my tenth birthday when I woke up to a horrific scream that rang my ears I got up and ran to go see if my grandmother was alright but she was sound asleep and when I went to my dads room to see if anything was wrong his room was empty so as I went to go back to bed something caught my attention out the corner of my eye sitting at the bottom of my stairs was a young girl around 15 in a white dress with blood stains splattered around her dress cradeling herself and as I approached the top of the stairs to look down she let a blood curtailing scream it starteled me so I took of running but I came to a holt as sheer horror struck my body as I looked through the crack of my slightly opened door there sat the girl on my queen size bed rocking back and forth.i ran to my grandmas room and called my dad, a little while later he arrived he rushed up the stairs to and found me in my grandmas room in a corner he told me to stay here while he went to go check out everything. as he returned he checked my body because all that was left of my proof was a blood stain where the girl had sat.

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