Birthday Party Cassanova

by Adamina

I had lived in Colorado since before i was two and we only lived in three houses over the years. Our third house was one i will never forget.

I had always had my birthday parties at other places instead of my own house. So when i turned twelve i asked my mom if i can have a "boy, girl" party at the house. So she agreed and my friend and i planned it out. Since my birthday is the day before Halloween we decided to have my party on Halloween. My friends would come over in their costumes and we would hang out, play games then when it got dark enough we went trick-or-treating.

After we were done trick-or-treating we took the boys home and the girls slept over. As a kid i loved paranormal stuff and i still do now although i'm only a teen. Anyways, my mom's boyfriend was over so after we got in our pyjamas we went all the way downstairs since my mom and her boyfriend were in the front room watching t.v. We lived in a tri-level house and the middle level was the kitchen, dining room, front room, and the front door. The upstairs was three bedrooms and a bathroom. The downstairs level had my sister's room, a bathroom, a big living area and a bathroom.

Since we weren't able to be in the front room we just went downstairs to hang out. We took pillows and blankets and laid down on the floor. There was a futon and we were laying by it. One of my friends was laying next to me up against it and another one laid across from her. Then there was my other friends and we were laying kind of in a circle and we were just talking and having a good time. My friend that was laying next to me against the couch looked underneath and then put her pillow up and didn't face it. She told my friend who was laying across from her to look underneath and she did the same thing. So i asked, "What's the matter?" They said nothing at first but i talked it out of them. They told me there was a black shadow underneath it with big red eyes watching us. I didn't want to look because i didn't really want to see it. I believed them because my sister has had bad experiences in her room that were so bad that it made her drag out her mattress and sleep out in the living area.

So we just kind of shrugged it off and kept talking. We went upstairs and wanted to watch t.v. and my mom's boyfriend said that if we came upstairs we couldn't watch t.v. and had to go straight to bed. So i was about to say, "You know what? you're not my parent so you're
not the boss of me. I can do whatever i want." but i just said whatever and didn't get grounded. We were all laying there in the dark and whispering to each other when we heard a little girl laughing. We looked at the one who was with us and we knew it wasn't her because she was scared. When we looked over at the staircase we say a little girl in a white dress running down the stairs and to my sisters room. We figured it was my sisters room because we didn't see her when we checked it out. So we just wanted to forget about it and went to bed.

The next morning we woke up around 7 a.m. and we were hungry. So we got some left overs from the day before. We heard some whispers from downstairs and we knew it was coming from downstairs because after we heard the whispers the streamers strung across the entrance of downstairs started swaying back and forth. We knew it couldn't be a breeze because no doors or windows were open and we didn't have the a.c. on. So we were talking about the night before and i said, "You don't think?" and one of my friends said, "What?" so i ran downstairs to my sister's doorway. (My sister wasn't living with us) when they came down behind me i said, "You don't think the ghost you guys saw under the futon is one of the ghosts in here do you?" Then everybody started talking at once and i said, "Sh! Sh! Everybody quiet!" and right after i said that we heard a male voice coming from inside the room say, "Get out!" Then we ran upstairs and most of my friends were freaking out. The only two that weren't freaking out were me and one of my friends who was fascinated by this stuff. So i calmed everybody down and then we started to talk and interact with the spirits. So she laid down on the floor and put her arm up over her head and said, "If you want to drag me then go ahead. I don't care." Then i say an apparition above her and then she started being dragged down the stairs. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back and told her what i saw. Nothing happened after that because my mom's boyfriend came downstairs and left. Then my mom came downstairs but we didn't tell her anything.

My friend (the one that was being dragged) never did stop investigating until we figured out the story. I think the house might have been lifted after we found out what happened. We never did find out what it felt like after the mystery was solved because i moved from that house to an apartment across town. But i know that is a birthday i will never forget.

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