billy little calf,Anadarko,oklahoma" The HogCreek DeerWoman".


This is a true story I kid you not.I have a cousin who told me about an incident that happened to him one night in 2005.It took place west of anadarko behind the old wares chapel church.He and some friends were drinking which is typical for teenagers on weekends.They decided to drive up behind the church to some camp grounds late midnight.It was really dark and not to far was a creek.Well the guys were laughing and partying when my cousin bertram walked about 400 yards away by this cedar to use the restroom.He said as he was doing his business he heard a voice behind him.He turned around and saw a lady in a dark brown dress.He said," hello who are you?" That lady looked pretty with long black hair and she seemed to native looking he told me.She or it answered or what ever it was said,"hay I have some whiskey and smoke down by the creek do you want to come with me?" He asked her where did she live.She pointed to some houses down by the road."I live over there." Well he noticed her feet were hooves and he was so scared he played cool.Because he thought it would grab him if she realized he figured it out.He said "can my budies come to?" she asked how many were there.He told her three.She said no just him.He played it off like he didnt hear her and turned arond started running and said" I'll be back let me go check first to see if they want to go too."Soon as he made it back to the car he told his friends what happened.they laughed and he was drunk .They didn't believe him.He said look by that cedar tree.And they looked and saw a dark figure standing by a light pole and tree.They was like lets get tha"H"out of here .All of them left in the car.

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