Big Bear Lake, California

by Mary Lou St. Lucas

Captains Anchorage Restaurant

Here is a video of our first investigation:

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Nov 26, 2011
Haunted hotel stay
by: Anonymous

I stayed at a hotel in Big bear lake in July with my boyfriend.This is a regular hotel quite large in size.When we went to the room the air inside was very thick made us feel sleepy.My BF put his phone on the desk and after a few minutes it lifted up and moved to another part of the desk.Later that afternoon I saw a large black shadow on the wall.The next morning there were Radio waves coming through the radio alarm clock when the clock was switched off.This happened a few more times while we were laying in bed I said to my BF if it happens again I am sitting up and looking at it.I did this and it stopped instantly.
We left after this,we had already paid for an extra night but wanted out of there

Nov 11, 2011
Thank you
by: Mary Lou

Thank you, Sylvia. That is a good question about George. I would like to find a picture of him, and more information about him.

We returned last month and picked up a few more photos and EVPs and right now are working on a short video to include those.

Ever since this last visit, I had a picture of a man's face kind of stuck in my mind. I sketched him out, and now will need to see if we can find out if he looks like someone who may have been there in the past, or if it just happens to be someone I've seen around and remembered.

Thanks again for your comment!

Nov 11, 2011
Interesting investigation
by: Sylvia

You all did a GREAT job of this investigation and the resulting You Tube recording of it. Did you ever do research and find a picture of how George looked like in real life? Not that it mattered, but maybe in the background of any pictures could hold some clues. But other than my question here, it was very well done. :-)

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