by Janice

I am back to follow up on the spirit or spirits within my home. My husband and myself still here someone walking around a night. This does not last long. We have a Christmas strap with large bells attached to it that we keep on our carport door. This is just for our safety incase someone tried to break in we would here the bells jingle. Anyway, during the day you can hear the bells jingle and this also occures in the late evening. We do not hear the bells after going to bed. At night I stay up later than my husband. While lying on the couch in the living room watching TV, I think that it is my husband that is walking toward the living room and stopping at the doorway entrance and when I look, there is no one there. It has gotten more obvious that someone or something is watching me. When not even feeling or thinking about who this could be while working around the house, all of a sudden, I will get a chill come over me or my hairs on my arms will stand straight up. I will continue to follow up on our home at a later date.

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