by Janice
(Bentonia MS)

My husband & I bought a small cottage in the country on five acres of land on March 2009. This house is around seventy years old. The previous owner just used it as a get away house and also let his son live there. Jimmy James was around thirty five and just out of the service from Iraq. Before that an elderly man had owned it for years then passed away. After we had moved in strange occurances started happening. The first thing happened during the middle of the night when I was awakened by hearing whistling in my bedroom. I woke up laying there with my eyes still shut just listening. I thought why is Mike (my husband) whistling. Then I thought, Mike dosen't whistle. My eyes popped open and at the same time the whistling stopped. My husband and I sleep in seperate bedrooms because he is retired and I work. About a week later we were walking through the house deciding where to hang some pictures and as we entered the dinning room Mike turns to me and said, why did you throw something at my head but I didn't. Ok, around two later we were getting ready to go shopping. Mike was in his bedroom and had called out to me. I went to see what he wanted. When I reached his room he said that while sitting in his chair something bumped it so hard that it moved the chair. He said that he turned to see why I did that and no one was there. I see shadows in the house during the day and at night.

Well it just keeps getting better and better. Let's see, it was about a week later around eight at night I was sitting on the couch watching a movie. Behind the couch are windows and they were closed. There is an end table and lamp by the couch. Well, it was very quite in the house just the tv going when just to my left side right in my ear I hear this long growl. I just kept watching tv thinking, ok, I know that I just heard that. Maybe it was from outside, no, it was right in my ear. I thought, don't look scared because I heard ghost thrive on fear from it's victoms. We constantly hear someone walking during the middle of the night. I always feel that someone or something is watching me. Now to let you in on what we had found out after we purchased the home. The owners son Jimmy James who lived there was bypolar. His dad tried for ever to him into the Va Hospital with no help from the VA's red tape. Anyway, Jimmy James's dad had come up from Florida to spend some time with his son. One day Jimmy James had went out to the swing set that was in the front yard, sat down in the swing and shot hisself in the head with a 345 and died there in the yard. This happend in the summer of 2007. I don't know if it is Jimmy James or not. I just don't want something touching me or seeing it. I had emailed several Paranormals here with no reply from any.

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