Bell Witch House and Cave: Adams, TN

by Kayla Thomas
(Dothan, AL )

The story begins with Richard Bell, his wife, and his children, Richard, Drury, and Betsy.

One night him and his son Drury were out hunting and then John saw a creature crawling around in the tall grass. He didn't know what it was, but that's where there story of the Bell Witch begins.

The kids were upstairs asleep and then Betsy felt scratching on her bedpost. It was so loud that it stretched all the way to her brothers rooms.

The very next night she took her try at John Bell and it was too much for him to handle so he called a friend of his who was very religious. It didn't work. She was so bad that she haunted John Bell to his grave.

It was said that she was so loud that no one could even hear the pastor's eulagy. After the service, the family moved far away from Adams and didn't return.

Today, the house stands in ruins. The cave can be visited and you can be taken on a tour of the cave and if you're lucky you can hear her laughing or you can even see her at the cave and at the ruins of the old Bell house.

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