Beaverton High School ; Myra ; Beaverton Oregon

by myra
(beaverton oregon )

so i was painting a moral in the art room which is on the west annex of bhs and out the side there is a baseball feild and there is a water fountain that we use to get drinks instead of having to go all the way to the other side of the school so i went out for a drink and saw the the smaller fountains water was running i thought the button might have gotten stuck but it wasnt stuck so i walked up to the water fountain the bigger one that is next to it and i seen that it was still running right when i was about to press the button to get a drink of water the water on the smaller fountain had stopped and the button went up and clicked right how is was suppose to i got water and went back inside i turned back and looked around and no one was there and there has been recent stories of a teacher eath there who still haunts the school

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