Bathroom Demon

by Liam Davis
(1712, Northglen cir Middleburg , Flordia)

Ok , so you have probably heard this,The Bathroom Demon, The woman in the mirror, or the most common,Bloody Mary,If you haven't , Legend is that if on midnight,Halloween, or any other night , better if Halloween, you go into the bathroom and say Bloody Mary 3 times or 10 times,Bloody Mary will ethier come out and kill you and suck your body into the mirror, or haunt you till you die. So when I heard this story I was scared .At the age of 10 years of age I did it one second I saw her staring at me,the next vanished . She haunted me for 1 year, and I'm a medium,I speak and see spirits, demons , and ghost so because of my ability,my parents got me a Oigia board, so the next halloween , midnight I communicated she agreed to stop haunting me... If I gave her a soul so I did my Arch enemy's soul.A few years later my arch enemy's soul or spirit came back to haunt me; One night I woke up to screaming ;I saw a floating butcher's knife , I blinked again ,my arch enemy's body covered in blood;his eyes , staring at me I ran out of the room, I haven't slept since then.

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