Barnsley Gardens

by Brian H

I was working an overnight job At then resort. Some time in the summer of 2013

. I was patroling around The center of the resort . It was around 230 am & I saw what appeared to be a woman with black curly hair & a red face walking dressed in a typical
period white gown with a red shaw . As the apperation passed I noticed that she didnt have any feet . Thinking it was a lost guest I went to offer assistance & there was nothing there.
About a week later it was about 130 am & I went to make sure a gate at the stable
was closed. As I was getting out of the golf cart I saw 3 orbs comeing down over the hill. I stood still & they passed thru me.

Ive been in the adair house multiple times & Ive alaways felt like I was beening watched. Ive also walked thru the ruins & The museam & felt un comfortable
& like I was beeing watched .

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