banjo hill lane Great Falls , MT

by sam
(Great Falls,MT,U.S.A)

when I was about 6 my mom and my dad went to take our dog to the vet to get him his shots when we arrived at the vets the lady said that she had tried but dident think she had the right number because the voice hadn't been right and that the voice recording had been strange and we might want to cheek it my mom then asked are you sure it didn't say this is --- and --- she then said that she was positive so we got my dog his shots and went home the first thing we did was cheek the voice recording it was not my mom or my dad and this is what it said " Hello my name is Wanda" the female voice the repeted her name then you hear static like on your TV if you lose conetion the a male voice yell " SHUT UP YOU STUPED WOMAN!!!!" then it ends when I reached the house it turns out the man killed his wife and baby with a hand gun I had always hand a sick feeling when I lived there and I had seen the scean many time around 3:00 or 3:30 in the moring or I would be awoken by a baby crying or a man whispering in my ear I have seen ghosts my whole life may people don't belive but some do and I cant make you belive my story its like you can take a horse to drink but you cant make him drink but for those of you who have had things happen to you you can belive if you want

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