Atterbury Job Corps- Edinburgh, Indiana

by J.

If your not a student or parent there is no way of getting on campus without being arrested!

I was a student at Atterbury Job corps back in 2006 through 2007, there are many stories that I could tell you about the things I have seen and heard. The location of Atterbury Job corps used to be a hospital around WWII that had roughly 9,000 beds and treated more than 85,000 patients during WWII and was one of the Army's plastic surgery centers. I have also discovered that when the military bought the land to make Camp Atterbury MANY graves (1,300) had to be moved. now while they did actually take the time to exhume the bodies, a lot of those bodies weren't buried in caskets and so had no protection from the elements and such. while moving bodies, diggers often found parts of bodies and let that suffice.(parts of skull, arm and leg bones only)

There are several stories of students seeing glowing yellow eyes in the woods. There is one story of a man walking around in the tall grass by the (REC CENTER) carrying a bloody garbage bag inside the bag is said to be the head of the nurse he rapped, murdered and beheaded. In some parts of the campus you can hear foot-steps, whispers, and even see shadows moving around at certain times through out the night.

In what is now known as the movie theater on campus you can hear voices plain as day, see shadows moving across the room and have that feeling like you are being watched.

There are a few locations restricted, and keep locked from students but we have found ways of getting inside them. One is the surgical ward, once inside late at night you can hear screams, voices, feeling of wind but the building is sealed, see shadows, also all the surgical equipment is still laying around like it was left. There is bloody gauze, equipment, and some beds are still made the surgical tables still have blood stains left on them. One of the other locations is called Bellamy Hall in this location I have witnessed locks being placed in a perfect circle on the floor. I have heard numerous voices when there is no one else in the building, heard foot steps follow behind me and turn around and nothing be there.

The last location that is restricted is the old burn unit, now this place gave me most of the creeps. On certain nights if you walk into the burn unit there is a distinct smell of burning flesh and can hear screams from the patients.

There is one more location that we were never to go around or never to try and find because they are abandoned tunnels under the entire campus that have either caved in or are sealed.

I went searching one day through the woods that surround the campus and came across a small graveyard, the security will chase you off if you try and find it, or get anywhere near it.

The pool hall has been closed for many years it is said that a women drowned in the pool and had never been opened again. There are a few ways of getting inside this place, but I don't recommend trying because all of the mold.

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Oct 21, 2013
Atterbury Student NEW
by: KShields

I'm currently an atterbury job corps student and I can tell you that this place is indeed haunted. I used to be in the LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) dorm and I got up to use the restroom and as I walked out, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman standing a few feet away looking at me; all my roomates were asleep.

Recently all the girls were moved to the ABL (Abraham Lincolin) dorm and I continue to experience paranormal events. I will hear a whisteling sound when my roomates are asleep. The first time I thought it was someone in the hallway, but when it happened the 2nd time I was in the restroom and it sounded as if it was coming from right next to me.

We have a staff member here who is beyond into the paranormal field and told me that every building on this center is haunted, but I've even seen apparitions outside.

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