Atlanta Indiana- Roads hotel (rhoades Hotel)

Our Team went to the Roads Hotel to investigate one night. We are always skeptical of what we may or may not find. We never go anywhere with the assumption that the location is haunted or that we will catch anything. Well- it IS. And we DID.

We were in the piano room- the lights were on, Todd was sitting near the wall on a stool where the guitars were leaning- I was standing close - in front of Todd
We were talking- one of the guitars was making noise (s)- like slight plucking of the string. There was no reason for this to happen-
Four girls upstairs- we are chatting- in between sentences we heard a sentence that did not come from us- it was also caught on tape.
Downstairs- we left the recorder in the piano room- went to the other side of the hotel. There is a "hello" and a very distinct child giggle afterwards. No children even near!
That my friends, made my hands shake when I heard it for the first time on our recorder.
There are actually more evps that we caught-
But my point- The Roads hotel in Atlanta Indiana is without a doubt a haunted hotel.

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