Atchison, Kansas - The Sallie House

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(Atchison, Kansas)

The infamous Sallie House

The infamous Sallie House

The residence at 508 North 2nd street has come to be known as the infamous "Sallie House". It has been featured on several television shows, such as "Sightings" and replayed over and over on The Travel Channel. Investigations teams and psychics from across the nation have visited this home, in hopes of discovering who (or what) really haunts this location.

What made this home so popular? Several years ago, a young family began an adventure here, that would change their lives forever. Simple unexplainable incidents, like the TV and lights turning off and on, progressed into terrifying physical attacks on the husband, and fires being started in the home. This couple worked for many months, exhausting every possible avenue, trying to bring peace to the home. Finally, the family could take it no longer, feeling completely helpless against a force they could not pin down, and got out. To this very moment, the house still remains haunted...
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