Ashland City, TN

by Haley
(Ashland City, TN)

The bell witch location is a very high spot for emp readings and paranormal investigations. I used to live in Adams Tennessee but i will never go back there again. That place gave me the creeps and when me and some of my friends went on the plantation where the house used to be my friend kenny was lifted up while sleeping in his sleeping bag and thrown at a log.

My house in Ashland City tennessee is also haunted. There was a man named James about 100 years ago who lived in my house and his wife was having an affair with an old shoe man and he took himself, his son jacob, and his wife elizabeth to the half standing garrage/barn that it is now, and set it on fire and killed all three of them.

My sister did a wegee board downstairs in our basement, and she asked him questions like "where are you now?", and he replied,"upstairs". Well i was on the couch and someone came up from downstairs in the basement to set up an evp and said that they caught me on camera against the wall with my eyes rolled in the back of my head and i was speaking some kind of foreign language like a demonic force entered my body.

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