by Ashley

As an adult looking back on growing up in a haunted house I have many unanswered questions such as how come the people living there after we moved say its not haunted but the people living there before us say it was..I question physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and I wonder if my family maybe picked up on it so strongly because there were 5 children reining from teens to young adolescents ...doors would slam repeatedly with could hear running in the attic people saw a man I saw a young girl the microwave turn table was always spinning doir knobs would rattle locked doors would unlock and fly open with force an old mattress in the attic started moving towards my.mother chasing her back down the stairs the mini blinds flying ip into the air the tv turning off the computer typing by itself , knocking on the many things happened there and I cant fathom how the people living there now are not at all affected by any of this which leads me to believe my family brought it out our energy clashing with the energy left behind my fath er said to not be afraid because if they wanted to hurt us they would have already and I wasn't most of the time only after an experience like my bedroom door slamming angrily shut....I had heard from someone a few years ago that the house was used as a children's hospital or hospice in the late 1800s to early 1900s which would make sense because aside from the angry slamming doors and the man being seen from time to time a lot of the things that happened seem like they could have come from children....I see on tv the shows how people say what a nightmare they are living in and I think back we gad a very active haunted house but aside from bedtime worrying a bit something might happen and ruin my slumber we were unafraid because we had grown accustomed to living with ghosts almost in awe when something would happen of course a bit afraid because we couldn'explain it but we all bore witness so we knew we weren't crazy..the only questions left are what exactly are ghosts is it just energy left behind clashing with ours imprinting their story on the earth or are they truly human being souls left behind? ?

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