Arts at the Capitol Theater Magnet High School

by Samantha Dillon
(Willimantic, CT United States)

Back in the 1930's, there was a known love triangle with a performer. There was one woman and two men involved. The woman's boyfriend/husband found out, killed the homewrecker first, then shot his girlfriend/wife. And lastly, he hung himself on the mezzanine.

The theater is believed to be haunted by the husband and wife. You will hear faint footsteps running across the catwalks that can gradually get louder. Some have heard whispers. Even laughing.
The husband has been seen along the side of the audience as a dark angry figure. If you are a male, he tends to haunt them more. Simply believed it's the ghost thinking it's the secret lover. Some have seen a few chairs rocking. Alot of thumping tends to happen. One case the Audio-Video teacher was alone in there and saw the curtains violently shaking, if that were a person shaking them... It would take more then one person to shake them very rapidy and hard.
So far no one has caught the ghost on camera, simply because no one has officaly ghost hunted. But I shall be joined with two of my friends and my director to stay after camp and ghost hunt for a few hours.

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Nov 19, 2011
Capitol theater ghost
by: Anonymous

I grew up in Willimantic in the 60's and 70's. The Capitol theater was the only movie theater in town so I went there a lot. There were stories of a ghost even then. A friend's older brother worked there and shared he often saw apparitions & heard disembodied voices when he was closing up at night. There was a couple named the Warrens who held several seances there that he attended. There was an article about the Warrens and the Capitol Theater ghost in the Connecticut magazine back in the 70's. I never personally saw anything but I always hated to go up in the balcony and would refuse to go to the bathroom, which was close to the balcony alone. I always felt like I was being watched or followed on the 2nd floor.

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