by brandy

I grew up in arizona and the house that i lived in was really creepy.I dont know how old it was,but my uncle built it for my aunt.(my aunt and uncle adopted me and my sister).It was originally just 4 bedrooms,but after my oldest cousin got marreid they nocked her bedroom wall out to make a family room.At the back of the house there was a pretty good size utility room,they redid the room and made it into a bedroom for my baby sister.(we had always shared a room before this.)There was probably 5 or 6 acres of land and we had horses and a cow and roosters other animals.Well the room that was my baby sisters room had a really negative energy in it and she was scared to sleep in there alone,so she always snuck into my room in the middle of the night and would set up the spare bed i had under my bed.(it was a hide -a-way/trundle bed.)I was always suprised to see her sleeping on the spare bed right by mine that i new some thing was wrong with her bedroom,but she didnt ever say any thing to me.We also had an attic that was really spooky,but our aunt never let us go up there.She said there were to many bad things up there that would get us.I never felt comfortable in my room either.For some reason i always thought there was some thing hiding in my closet and i would always close the doors before i went to bed and in the morning they would be standing wide open.Well thise is just one of the creepy storeis i have.I have an other one but ill save it for later.

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