Are Obrs safe...... do i need to worry about them using my room as a highway?

by Holly

Hi there,

my name is holly i am 30 years of age and i have been seeing orbs at night in my room for the past week, they are differnt clours mainly white, clear or sliverish and even a dull yellow and a couple of times red, at times they are huge about the size of a baseball they move so fast across my room and towards me and at times its like my room is a highway for them, they have also been seen in my sons room ive caught them with a digital camra. my question is do i need to worry about them, are they trying to tell me something? at first i was really frighted but now i like seeing them. my mum passed away a year ago and we were very close as she was my only paretnt, she is hear with me in ash form, is it her saying hi or something else? ghosty stuff and shadow people freak me out to the point where i cant sleep ect or even read up about them. i quess the reason it does is becuase it know and feel they are real.

can you help me tell me what they are and thats its ok to have them there? i have done the dust test and shook my blankets and pillows around to see what i have been seeing isnt just dust but its not the same the dust looks like specs in the light not like the huge balls flying around my room.

i will try send a picture next time.



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